A Qatari Law Firm
" regional reach and a global outlook "

Al Sulaiti Law Firm

In 2002, Mr. Mubarak Bin Abdullah Al-Sulaiti laid the establishment stone for
Al-Sulaiti Law Firm

The firm includes highly qualified lawyers from different countries, eg. Egypt, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, India and Lebanon. Al-Sulaiti Law Firm provides its services to link the gap between international legal systems and local legal systems either at the local or regional levels.

With more than fifteen years of experience, -Sulaiti Law Firm has fast become one of the most prominent and reputable law firms in Qatar. Al-Sulaiti Law Firm is one of the founding members of MENA City Lawyers, an organization that links between five law firms in North Africa and the Gulf Region. Al-Sulaiti Law Firm is a Qatari law firm with a regional reach and a global outlook.

A Message from Our Chairman

Al-Sulaiti Law Firm was established in 2002 and it celebrated on October 2018 its fifteenth annual anniversary of the establishment. By viewing the past years since the establishment of Al Sulaiti Law Firm, I am feeling proud to achieve our goal of being one of the largest and most successful law firms in the State of Qatar.

In our relentless pursuit of growth and business development, I am pleased and honored to confirm the success of the Sulaiti Law Firm in implementing a ten-year plan to maintain the rate of progress and business growth. Such Success due to our ability in recruiting qualified lawyers and legal advisers to our team. Since we are a Qatari law firm with a regional reach and a global outlook, we adopt effective policies aimed at diversifying the scope of work and is based on recruiting the best talented lawyers and professional legal advisors to enable us to provide a global level of Legal services.

Certainly, we do not forget our valued clients who have trusted our firm. Therefore, on behalf of Al Sulaiti Law Firm, we are pleased and honored to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our esteemed clients and we promise them that we will be at the top rank and in a global level.

Yours sincerely,
Mubarak Bin Abdullah al-Sulaiti
Chairman of Board of Directors



A relentless pursuit without tirelessness .. Our goal .. To exceed all expectations!!

Furthermore, we follow a strict policy that complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the State of Qatar. Our aim is always to provide professional legal services that deserve our clients’ s trust. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable relationship with the clients as an important part of our mission and all we seek is to achieve your interests, and achieve all what you seek from the ends.

Al Sulaiti Law Firm

Bridge the gap between the different legal traditions

A Qatari Law Firm " regional reach and a global outlook "

Al-Sulaiti Law Firm is a Qatari law firm that provides comprehensive and top-class legal services to public and private entities. Al-Sulaiti Law Firm includes a team of more than 50 members, including legal advisors and lawyers from various Arab and foreign nationalities without limitation France, Italy, Egypt, India and Lebanon, thus, we have been able to communicate successfully with all our clients in different languages and nationalities.


Values and ethics of the legal profession

Al Sulaiti Law Firm is always committed to provide the top-class legal service to all our clients.

Our policy of providing legal services is restricted by our compliance with all applicable laws within the State of Qatar. Such policy applies to our clients, lawyers and all employees of the firm. In addition, we are also deeply believe that the profession of law is one of the greatest profession and therefore we are keen to perform our role towards society through the launch of one of the most popular social services initiatives, which is (Remove an Affliction).

Administrative success

Through outstanding management, we have been able to merge these experiences to work as one team, which helped our firm to achieve the superiority in providing legal services to our clients in all their needs. On the other side, in particular, in regards to the relationship between the management and the employees of the firm which is based on the cooperation, our firm holds regular meetings between the management and the employees in order to discuss the workflow and to receive all the relevant suggestions. In addition, our firm is organizing regular social trips and entertainment activities for the employees, which helps us in supporting the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among all employees, which is reflected positively on the firm and success of the work.

Quality in providing legal services

"In Al Sulaiti Law Firm, we are always committed to provide the top-class legal service to all our esteemed clients." Our attention and keenness to provide professional legal services is one of the most important reasons that led us to the most prominent among law firms. In addition, we are keen to keep our attention to details in dealing with our clients from the first meeting until providing the required legal service and continuing to provide after-service support. We keep continuing to communicate with our client on a regular basis and provide them with all the information, details and steps we take to end our service we provide. Such acts have established the trust between our clients and us.


Our team is a professional and qualified team who covers the entire legal fields without limitation the investment, sports, mediation and arbitration laws. Our team includes of legal advisors and lawyers from different nationalities who speak many languages, which gives our office the ability to overcome the language barrier and bridge the communication between different cultures and legal traditions so that we can achieve the legal needs of our clients. Hence, our firm succeeded in providing its services to many prestigious international entities and organizations and providing legal assistance to investors and Qatari companies. In addition, our firm is on the list of the Italian Embassy in Doha as one of the recommended law firms.

Some examples of our ethical standards :

  • Avoid prejudice towards others in addition to deal fairly with all witnesses, lawyers, court personnel and other persons involved in the legal process.
  • Always maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Commitment and adherence to regulations and laws.
  • Ensure the maintenance of high morals and the adoption of educational standards related to the legal profession.
  • The lawyer's relationship with the client is a personal and distinct relationship and shall not be as a result of pressure, falsity and deception.