Corporate Responsibility

1- Al-Sulaiti Law Firm provides various legal services to foreign and local clients.
2- Our clients are private and public sectors, we also deal with reputable governmental organizations and international institutions.
3- Al-Sulaiti Law Firm prides itself in offering a professional service in several languages, such as Arabic, English, French and Italian.
4- We are committing to serving and improving our community and the environment.
5- Our responsibilities towards the rule of law and the legal profession enrich our corporate responsibilities.
6- There is always a strong willingness and inspiration to improve, accept and encourage positive changes in our firm.
7- Al Sulaiti Law firm is involved in the development of the Community, Education and the Environment.
8- Our relationships with our clients are a vital part of our success, we show interest in our clients to deliver a clear understanding of the nature of their roles and this enables us to achieve better results and higher client satisfaction rates.
9- We support some of our client's corporate aims and objectives as part of our CSR. Giving back to our community is a vital part of what we do.
10- The community we are part of, work in and live in is also part of our responsibilities.
11- This section will demonstrate what we do to give back to the community, respect and care for our environment and support the importance of education.

“We are proud to announce that Al Sulaiti Law Firm delivers Pro bono services in many areas of the Qatari law.”

As lawyers we care passionately about improving our society and always giving back to our community for the public good.
We represent several clients pro bono.
At Al Sulaiti Law firm No distinction is made between Pro bono clients and other clients in working hours; we respect and treat all our clients fairly whilst ensuring that they are provided with the best legal services.

Taking care of the environment and its sustainability require dedication and management.
In order to succeed at maintaining sustainability and improving our community and environment we have started taking action at our offices: Caring about the environment surrounding us is vital that is why we chose to recycle used and waste papers.
But it isn’t limited to just recycling, monitoring our electricity and energy and turning off power sources that are not in use.
All of our office computers are switched off at the end of the day and the power sources too.
We only use mugs in our offices to avoid using and wasting plastic/paper cups.

Education is very important to us and we support the enhancement of Legal education and success.
“As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, the Al-Sulaiti Law Firm provides pro bono legal services to the Law Clinic that has recently been established at Qatar University College of Law under the leadership of Dean Mohammed Al- Khulaifi.
The Law Clinic receives real life cases from clients, especially the vulnerable, that students study, discuss and decide whether they warrant legal representation.
Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar, Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Law Clinic welcome the support of the Al- Sulaiti Law Firm in taking these cases to courts and winning.
We have established the Junior Lawyer Programme to target Primary and Secondary school students and introduce them to the Legal field, by establishing this programme we help students understand the role of the Legal Profession in society and provide them with a brief introduction to 'the journey of becoming a lawyer'.