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Qatar – Gulf Crisis : Immigration

What challenges may be faced in regards to immigration?

 Qatar legislator exempted all GCC nationals from the application of Law no. 21 of 2015 Regarding Regulation of the Expatriates Entry, Departure, Residence and Sponsorship. However, due to the evacuation of Saudi, Emirati, and Bahraini nationals and the closure of Qatar’s borders with KSA, UAE and Bahrain, all types of new visas allocated for the nationals of the boycotting GCC states and those accompanying them will be consecutively suspended unit the collapse of the blockade.


Important factors to be aware of with regards to basic human rights in light of the recent events.

 The decrees released by the boycotting countries, violates their nationals’ rights and Qatari residents to education, right to own property, right to mobility and the right to family reunion within Qatar. As a result, mixed-citizenship Qatari couples are facing the grim prospect of being split from their families. In addition, GCC students will face gross disturbance in their education due to such events.