About Ahmed Kamnqsh :

Ahmed Kamnaqsh acquired a bachelor of law in 2013, after which he worked at one of the local law firms in Syria for 4 years. He submitted a research about the banking court to acquire the title of “Professor”. In addition, he worked in commercial lawsuits, preparation of a lot of companies’ articles of incorporation, amendment companies’ articles of association including but not limited to attendance of general assembly meeting.

Relevant Experience :

  • Worked for 4 years at one of the associations of the civil society, including its requirement of providing legal consultations to the association’s attributes.

  • After which he has been enrolled in Al-Sulaiti Law Firm since March 2018; where he gained more professional experience in the lawsuits.

  • Since 2013 until now, Ahmed Kamnaqsh prepared many legal researches, warning letters, correspondences and correspondences to the Clients’ opponents, which requires legal study and full knowledge of the documents.

  • Preparation of many legal consultations relates to rental lawsuits.

  • Following many of the lawsuits relating to termination and invalidity of contracts.

  • Following many rental lawsuits, whether filed before civil courts or Rental Dispute Resolution Committee.

Ahmed Kamnqsh

Practice Areas :

Ahmed has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in Employment and Immigration, Real Estate Law & Construction and Commercial Law.

Real Estate & Construction Law

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Criminal Law

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Civil law

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