About Amal Hasan :

Amal Hasan is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University (2009). She has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2010 and joined our office in 2013. Amal has carried out litigation procedures efficiently before the Public Prosecution and the courts in Egypt as well as in Qatar.

Relevant Experience :

  • Amal Hasan worked as an advocate in Egypt, where she carried out general litigation procedures before the civil, criminal, and family courts in addition to the Public Prosecution.

  • Amal has appeared before Egyptian courts. She has also appeared on behalf of several clients before the Public Prosecution in Egypt during investigations.

  • Amal has supported her colleagues by conducting legal researches.

  • Amal has experience with the procedural aspects of executing judgments issued from the Qatar’s civil, criminal, and family courts.

Amal Hasan

Practice Areas :

Amal Hasan has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in Employment and Immigration and Commercial Law.

Employment Law

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Commercial Law

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