Mohamed Saleh

Senior Legal Consultant

About Mohamed Saleh :

Mohamed Saleh has a bachelor of law from Ain Shams University in 1996, joined the Egyptian bar associate in the same year and he is enrolled in it as a “CassationAdvocate”. Since 2013 Mohamed’s eighteen years of litigation experience has enabled him to handle a broad range of cases in different fields of law. Prior to joining our office in 2014, Mohamedestablished his law firm in Egypt in 2008 and is still managing it successfully. Mohamed’s experience in Egypt as well as in Qatar has been a notable addition to our law firm.

Relevant Experience :

  • Mohamed Saleh provides our clients with written and verbal consultations on a wide range of civil, construction, commercial, criminal, family, communications and labor matters.

  • Mohamed Saleh has extensive experience in the field of criminal law therefore he is handling most of the criminal litigations lawsuits in Al Sulaiti Law Firm;

  • Drafting petitions, defense, and appellate memoranda before all types and degrees of Qatari courts.

  • Mohamed Saleh also, handlesthe supervision of the implementation of both civil and criminal judgments in addition to following-up implementation’s procedures.

  • Conducting labor investigations;

Mohamed Saleh

Practice Areas :

Mohamed Saleh has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in commercial, Employment and Immigration, Real Estate Law & Construction and Tax

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