About Mohamed Al Muhannadi :

Mohamed Al Muhannadi acquired a bachelor of law in 2009, he is also a student in a master of law degree in Qatar University, and along this period, he worked on preparing and drafting a lot of regulations, decrees and contracts. Mohamed Lahdan has worked in providing legal opinions before many courts including the punitive, criminal and international courts. In addition, he participated as a member in the Tenders and Auctions Committee for more than 3 years. He also occupied the position of the Head of Legal consultation Section of Personnel, and carrying out the tasks of the Head of the Legal Affairs Department. He has received the Certificate of Contracts, Administrative law, Penal law from Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris.

Relevant Experience :

  • Participation in the training course organized for the technical and legal aspects of tenders and auctions.

  • Participation in the training course organized for the contracts, which was held in the Diplomatic Institute.

  • Participation in the training program organized for preparing and drafting the legal memorandum, which was held in the Institute Of The Public Administration in the Ministry of administrative development, Labor and social affairs.

  • Participation in the training program organized for the principles of the administrative investigation held in London Institute for Consultation Studies.

  • Participation in the 53rd edition for the preparation of Arab Arbitrators.

  • Participation in the training program organized for drafting the directives and regulations held in Istanbul, and many other training courses and programs in many of the legal fields, international relations, contracts, tenders and auctions.

Mohamed Al Muhannadi

Practice Areas :

Mohamed Al Muhannadi has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in commercial, Employment and Immigration, Real Estate Law & Construction, Tax, Intellectual property Law and arbitration.

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