Vincenzo Bosisio

Senior Legal Associate Head of Commercial Law

About Vincenzo Bosisio :

Vincenzo Bosisio is a highly skilled consultant with extensive experience practicing law in Europe prior to joining Al Sulaiti Law Firm in 2009. He spent fourteen years working for one of the most prominent Italian law firms before establishing his own offices in Milan and Como in 1995. Vincenzo focuses his practice in the sectors of commercial and corporate law and has worked on a series of high-profile cases and transactions for a wide range of local, foreign, and international clients. Vincenzo is fluent in English and Italian and has good knowledge of French, which allows him to play a valuable role liaising with our European clients.

Qualification :

  • Degree in Law from the University of Milan 1982.

Relevant Experience :

  • Vincenzo has more than thirty years of experience practicing law. Vincenzo is currently focusing on the following areas of practice:

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Acquisition and sale of stock market companies

  • Liquidation of multi-national companies

  • Banking.

  • Real estate acquisition.

Vincenzo Bosisio

Practice Areas :

Vincenzo Bosisio has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in commercial, Employment and Immigration, Real Estate Law & Construction, Tax, Intellectual property Law and arbitration.

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