Sport Law Overview :

Qatar being in the limelight of sports by hosting 2022 world cup, makes the topic of sports very important in this region. Regulating sports and the legal principles involved when it comes to the players, contracts, brand protection, disputes in sports and legal regulation of standards in sports. All of these services are available at Al Sulaiti Law Firm.

Al Sulaiti Law Firm is proud to have very close ties with Qatar Football Association by appointing one of our associates Mr. Muhab in the QFA legal department that led us have a strong relationship with clubs either inside or outside Qatar. Such matter gave us the opportunity to have a fruitful experience in the field of sports law. We are very involved in this sector; it’s noteworthy to add that Mr. Mubarak Al Sulaiti is a member of the Rex Sports association and was formerly a valuable member of FIFA Players’ Status Committee

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