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Non-Contentious Legal Services

Our local and foreign clients require non-contentiousservices such incorporation, corporate transactions, and advise of corporate governance. Moreover,non-contentious includes drafting and reviewing contracts and mediation.

Contentious Legal Services

Such services includes litigation and arbitration practice which is handled by a multinational team of legal consultants and advocates.


Al-Sulaiti Law Firm offers legal support and advice through its specialized team of legal consultants and advocates across a wide range of practice areas and sectors:

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Sports Law

Qatar being in the limelight of sports by hosting 2022 world cup, makes the topic of sports very important in this region. Regulating sports and the legal principles involved when it comes to the players, contracts, brand protection, disputes in sports and legal regulation of standards in sports. All of these services are available at Al Sulaiti Law Firm.

Every February the country enjoys a one day public holiday celebrating sports day. Before partnering with Qatar Football Association Al Sulaiti Law firm had strong alliances with the majority of the sports clubs in Qatar providing them with legal support and advice. We have very close ties with Qatar Football Association, one of our associates Muhab El Tantawy represents Al Sulaiti Law firm in the Qatar Football Association legal department. We are very involved in this sector; it’s noteworthy to add that Mr. Mubarak Al Sulaiti is a member of the Rex Sports association and was formerly a valuable member of FIFA Players’ Status Committee.


Tax related issues are a vital part of many sectors including corporate and/commercial, real estate and construction etc. Our team has valuable expertise in VAT, taxation and debt recovery, joint ventures, investment funds and mergers and acquisitions.

With a multinational and multilingual team of associates we are able to provide advice on tax related issues locally and for the MENA region. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to our clients every business need.

Commercial Law

We are one of Qatar’s leading Commercial/Corporate firms delivering exquisite standards of legal services in this sector.Our Commercial law department delivers outstanding services in this sector. We support reputable national and world renowned International organizations in this field. Our client’s satisfaction is very important to us, therefore, we chose to be more involved in our clients business to have a clear understanding of their needs and provide the best services customized for each and every corporation/client.

Our corporate services include but are not limited to, commercial agreements and contracts, distribution, commercial agent’s law, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and franchising, trademark registration, Intellectual property and trademark registration and protection, debt recovery and taxation, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

Real Estate Law & Construction

In an ever evolving landscape that is always developing from a legal perspective a lot of time is dedicated to ensure that all of our clients involved in this sector are aware of the law and how to protect themselves first especially with real estate and construction contracts. They are one of the most complex kinds of contracts in the legal field and our Real estate/ Construction team are highly trained and qualified to draft and review these contracts.We have some of the top local and international real estate and construction organizations as clients.

Our services include but aren’t limited to, Real estate contracts, the environment, construction, real estate tax, finance, developments, rental disputes, advice on real estate and construction deals.


Arbitration is becoming the most popular and widely known dispute resolution process. Like litigation, arbitration utilizes an adversarial approach that requires a neutral party to render a decision. The dispute resolution process that best suits a particular case can only be determined upon an analysis of the dispute itself and the needs and interests of the parties. Our lawyers are licensed and experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

Intellectual property Law

Protecting your businesses is an essential attribute towards success that is why Intellectual Property Law is very important and we acknowledge that in our practice. Our associates advise on protection of brand image, branding disputes, trade mark registration, trademark litigation, intellectual property rights, copy right infringement, antitrust, patent law and design rights. We have recently advised a multinational renowned organization on trade mark registration and copy right infringement being able to make noticeable changes in the Qatari market for this client. Our team of IP experts is one of the best at what they do in the region, taking their duties very seriously and taking advantage of their knowledge and every opportunity to see that our client’s requests are a priority whilst protecting local and international businesses.

Employment and Immigration Law

We customize our services to the ever evolving region we are based in. with tons of developments and fast paced work ethic maintaining compliance of laws and regulations in employment is very essential. Successful businesses must be successful from within, we advise corporations and other clients on the basis of how to conduct contracts and have detailed knowledge of their rights as employers or employees.

Employment Law regulation is very crucial to an organizations development, compliance of contractual agreements and terms are an important part of business. Qatar is expected to have 2.5 million foreign works by 2020 in many sectors to help in the development of the country. Carefully strategizing and evolving our employment department to cater to our clients’ needs is very important, to us the clients and the country. Our experts cover areas including but not limited to: transfers of sponsorship and employment, maternity leave, overtime regulations, confidentiality agreements and disputes, monitoring the Wage Protection System with respect to the changes coming in to force 14th December 2016 regarding the introduction of the WPS in Qatar. Read our compliance brochure which encompasses summaries of all of the changes in the law in 2016.