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Profile :

Abdullah has a bachelor of law from Ain Shams University and is currently enrolled in the Egyptian Bar Association as an “appeal advocate.” Abdulla’s ten years of litigation experience has enabled him to handle a broad range of cases in different fields of law. In recognition of Abdullah’s successful representation of numerous local and foreign clients, he has been promoted to be the General Manager of Husam Tantawi Law Firm.

Accomplishments :

Conducted a research which regards to conjoining possession and ownership cases as an exception to the Egyptian civil law. such research has been printed and distributed among several courts’ libraries in Egypt.

Relevant Experience :

  • Abdullah provides our clients with written and verbal advice on a wide range of civil, construction, commercial, criminal, and labor matters and has experience in resolving related contractual disputes.
  • Abdullah has experience in the field of negotiation and amicable settlement.
  • Handling lawsuits, particularly civil, criminal, labor, family and compensation.
  • Drafting petitions, defense, and appellate memoranda before all types of Egyptian courts.
  • Drafting and reviewing various kinds of agreements;
  • Consulting clients on corporate law;
  • Companies incorporation.
  • Conducting labor investigations;


Qatar grants 3-month amnesty period for illegal residents to exit the state with no legal consequences.

  • Abdullah Mohamed
  • JUL 07,2017