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Ali acquired a bachelor of law from Cairo University in 1997 and is currently enrolled in the Egyptian Bar Association as an “appeal advocate.” Ali’s sixteen years of litigation experience has enabled him to represent numerous clients and to handle a broad range of cases in different fields of law, including criminal matters. Ali founded his own law firm in Egypt in 2006 and continues to operate it. Ali has joined Al Sulaiti Law Firm in 2013

Relevant Experience :

  • Ali’s experience is an addition to our law firm’s team. His experience includes:
  • Appearing before the Qatari Rental Dispute Solving Committee.
  • Carrying out the required procedures for resolving issues arising from Qatar’s sponsorship system.
  • Lodging and following-up criminal complaints before police stations and the Public Prosecution.
  • Carrying out the required procedures for executing criminal judgments before the competent bodies in Qatar.
  • Drafting petition, defense, and appellate memoranda for the courts of first instance and appellate courts.


Qatar grants 3-month amnesty period for illegal residents to exit the state with no legal consequences.

  • Ali Anwar
  • JUL 07,2017