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MuhabTantawi is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University (2010). He has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2010 and joined Al Sulaiti Law Firm in 2012. Muhab has carried out litigation procedures before the Public Prosecution and the courts in Egypt

Relevant Experience :

  • MuhabTantawi worked as an advocate for two years in Egypt, during which he carried out general litigation procedures before the courts and the Public Prosecution in Egypt.
  • Muhab has represented many clients through appearing before the Egyptian courts. He has also appeared before the Public Prosecution in Egypt during several investigations.
  • MuhabTantawi has conducted several legal researches and provided our clients with legal consultations.
  • Muhab has carried out the required procedures before the execution court in Qatar in order to enforce civil judgments.
  • Muhab has carried out deep researches regarding several football associations’ regulations such the Kuwaiti, Saudi, Bahraini, Egyptian, and Emirati Football Regulations.
  • Successfully completed the FIFA/CIES Program of Sports Management, 2014.
  • MuhabTantawi has exclusively amended and enacted articles and provisions regarding the Qatari Football Association’s Regulations.
  • In 2014 Muhab has been seconded to the Qatar Football Association as a legal assistant.


Sports Law (Road to World Cup 2022)

  • Mohab Tantawy
  • JUL 07,2017