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Mubarak Al-Sulaiti acquired a bachelor of law from Beirut Arab University in 1997 and is currently admitted to the Qatari Bar Association as a “Cassation Advocate.” Mubarak founded Al-Sulaiti Law Firm in 2002. Since then, Al-Sulaiti Law Firm has become one of the most reputable law firms in Qatar. Mubarak is a certified arbitrator in Qatar. In 2014. Mubarak became one of the members of board of the Qatari Bar Association.

Accomplishments :

  • Mubarak Al-Sulaiti enjoys an extensive network in Qatar, in the Gulf Region and internationally. He is a member of: The Arab Lawyers Union, The International Bar Association, The Italian Business Center in Qatar, RexSport Association, and was formerly a member of FIFA Players' Status Committee.
  • Mubarak Al-Sulaiti complied and organized all Qatari and Egyptian laws in addition to the judgments and principles of courts from the two nations into a digital and annotated code that can be used a reference by students and practitioners.

Relevant Experience :

  • Mubarak previously headed the Legal Affairs Department in the Ministry of Transportation in Qatar.
  • Mubarak served as the general secretary of the Doha International Airport’s board of directors.
  • Mubarak has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in commercial, civil, criminal, labor, real estate, sports law, and arbitration.


Revolution of the Crypto-Currencies Caught in the Crossfire between the Personal Interests and Global Economy

  • Mubarak Bin Abdullah Al Sulaiti
  • FEB 14,2018