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  • Muhammad A. Hashim
    Senior Associate & Head of Contracts Department.

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Profile :

Muhammad Ameen graduated from the Faculty of Law, English Department, Alexandria University in 2008. He has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2009 and joined Al Sulaiti Law Firm in 2010. Muhammad is fluent in English. This capability, in addition to his native Arabic, enables him to provide a wide range of legal services in both English and Arabic; such as, providing consultations, negotiations, drafting, and reviewing bilingual contracts; and to prepare professional legal translations from Arabic to English and vice versa. Muhammad’s six years of experience in the area of corporate law and contracts, has been an addition to our law firm. Muhammad has shown remarkable performance in drafting, reviewing and providing legal consultations regarding a wide range of contract which entitles him to be the Head of Contracts Department.

Relevant Experience :

  • Muhammad provides legal advice to foreign and local investors regarding the incorporation, liquidation, and dissolution of companies. In addition, Muhammad carries out the required procedures before Qatari ministries and governmental bodies for incorporating all kinds of companies.
  • Muhammad supports his colleagues by performing legal researches.
  • Muhammad appears before the Qatari Rental Dispute Solving Committee.
  • Muhammad has experience completing the ministerial procedures related to the sponsorship system and expatriate affairs.
  • Muhammad lodges and follows up on criminal complaints before police stations and the Public Prosecution.
  • Muhammad has experience executing criminal judgments in Qatar.


Qatar – Gulf Crisis : Contracts

  • Muhammad A. Hashim
  • OCT 31,2017