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Feb 14, 2018

Al Sulaiti Law firm

We have qualified and sufficient experienced attorneys at law & legal councils, to represent our clients in different multiparty litigation. Our specialist and experienced litigation team has a successful track record of acting in high value. Our team has a global understanding of cases entrusted to us which allowed to find the most effective and efficient solutions to our clients.
The criminal law includes sanctions that may affect freedoms such as imprisonment or impose huge fines.

In light of the legal principle that it is not excused the ignorance of the legislations, our firm is focusing in raising the awareness of its clients and provide legal consultancies to avoid its clients committing any legal violations.

The Criminal law governs a large number of cases before the courts whether the parties are commercial or insurance companies.

Therefore, Al Sulaiti Law Firm is keen to have qualified legal advisors specialized in criminal cases to represent its clients either commercial institutions or insurance companies before criminal courts.