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Feb 14, 2018

Al Sulaiti Law firm

We have qualified and sufficient experienced attorneys at law & legal councils, to represent our clients in different multiparty litigation. Our specialist and experienced litigation team has a successful track record of acting in high value. Our team has a global understanding of cases entrusted to us which allowed to find the most effective and efficient solutions to our clients.
Cyber-crime is a constantly new and developing field, we recognize that cyber-crime is often much broader than a purely criminal issues.

Al Sulaiti Law Firm have extensive experience team to handle major matters of cyber-crime. we provide a clear and comprehensive advice and guidance in respect of any cybercrime allegations.

Our legal experts deliver highest quality of legal services in accordance with applicable laws in the region and multi-jurisdictional aspects in cyber-crime. Our services cover many areas including but not limited to:
• Copyright and Trademark infringement.
• Cyber fraud, identify theft, and online defamation offences.
• Malware, Hacking & phishing offences.
• Cyber stalking, harassment and malicious communications.

Whether you have fallen victim of such conduct or you are facing a criminal investigation or prosecution or have accused of any other cyber offences, we are ready to assist you wherever you are.